About Us


Mark Jenner is a biomass economist and owner of Biomass Rules. His vision for biomass economic opportunity is unparalleled. Jenner is passionate about pulling underutilized organics INTO the economy rather than isolating them as wastes. Biomass Rules, LLC combines principles of agronomy, engineering, livestock production, policy, and economics to conduct feasibility studies and biomass inventories.

Biomass Rules emerged as a vehicle for Jenner to do business as a consultant in value-adding biomass development projects.  This worked well until the economic downturn occurred in 2008.   In 2009, Jenner began a gentle migration away from consulting, accepting a part-time contract with the California Biomass Collaborative housed at the University of California, Davis in Davis, California.  Here, Jenner was able to maximize available public data from all sources of biomass and organic residuals and explore the economics of increased agricultural production of biomass.

In 2012, Jenner moved back to the Midwest working for the commodity forecasting group, World Agricultural Economics and Environmental Services.  Here he was asked to develop environmental attributes for global commodity production.  The initial starting place was the replication of the US EPA Greenhouse Gas Inventory calculations for crop and livestock agriculture.  In 2013, project funding was interrupted.

Jenner joined University of Missouri Extension as a Regional Ag Business Specialist in Butler, Missouri in October of 2013.  Today, he earns his living helping Missouri farmers maximize their resources and profits while they minimize their costs and liabilities.

Jenner has a PhD in production systems – ag econ (grazing research, 1996), two MS degrees in manure mgmt. (ag econ, 1992, ag mechanization, 1990), and a BS in agronomy (1980).