Welcome to a World Where Biomass Rules!

Biomass Rules was born in early years (00’s) of the new century, out of growing consumer excitement in biofuels, recycling residual organics and an increasing interest (economic demand) in a cleaner, more durable environment.

Decades later, the interest in a regenerative world continues to grow.   The virulent, fast moving microbe (COVID-19 pandemic), brought the global economy to a halt.  The food and fuel supply chains have been scrambled.  The US and other economies are racing to try to figure out the new ‘normal.’

From the view-point of a gray-haired, agricultural economist, the demand for more rapid adaptation is the factor that has changed the most.  The great news is the agricultural industries are adept and making rapid changes.  Even before people have quit getting sick, farmers and agribusiness firms are finding new, effective ways to deliver food, feed, fiber, fuel, remediation and outdoor recreation.

While all the details have changed, but the need for clarity of all things ‘bio’ has not.  So, once again, Welcome to a World where Biomass Rules!