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Energy Values and BTU Conversion

  • The Basics of Biomass Rules Energy Values The Basics of Biomass Rules Energy Values Commodity prices and relationships to traditional markets are all shifting in new ways. Biomass input energy values are combined with the best available, weekly market prices to look for new and emerging relationships…and to get used to looking at new relationships as they begin to become established.
  • Energy Value & Density Biomass feedstocks are not as dense as traditional solid and liquid fuels. Densities of the materials used in our energy values are presented here.
  • Beyond Bushels – Converting Crops to BTUs.  If the “goal” is farm-grown energy, there are more efficient per-acre ways to produce sugars and oils than from corn and beans.

Conservation and Nutrient-Use Efficiency

  • Jim Porterfield Research Biomass Rules is thrilled to host recent work in soil conservation and nutrient-use efficiency conducted by Jim Porterfield. Jim has been shaping new dimensions and innovations in conservation and commercial agriculture for 40 years. His work is a welcome addition to this world where Biomass Rules!

Manure Science 101